How to use Google Maps in Dreamland – Part 1

What are your dreams of poop?

How do you make it into the dreamland?

And what’s the best way to get there?

In part one of our exploration into the world of dreams, we asked you to find out how you might get there.

To get started, head to Google Maps and search for a location.

Now, imagine you’re at a coffee shop in an unnamed city.

What would you be looking for?

If you’re looking for poop, you’d probably have a couple of options: 1.

Take a picture of poop.


Write down the time it takes for it to go through your stomach.


Go into the dreams.

You can do all three.

You might also want to make an image of poop, so you can easily search for the poop on Google Maps.

In this example, you could also draw poop and send it to Google for a better map.


Go to the dreams and search in Google Maps for your poop location.

You’ll see that the dreamworld is the farthest away from your home.

That means you need to find a place where you can go, and it might be best to get a good night’s sleep and be prepared to go to sleep.

You should also be aware that you might not have a good way to tell if you’ve arrived at your dreamland or not.

In some dreams, you might have an image or a voice telling you you’ve been there before.

If you can, use a dream map to help figure out if it’s a good place to go.

In other cases, you may not know where you’re going.

If it’s not clear, consider asking for directions or an alternative dream that’s closer.

Sometimes, dreams are very confusing.

But sometimes, they’re so good that they give you a glimpse of your dreams in their own right.

This way, you can learn what’s going on and why you’re dreaming in your dreams.

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