How much did the dream come to life for Broncos QB Brock Osweiler?

The dream of a perfect passing game that would put Denver in the top 10 in scoring and turnover margin, a quarterback who could run for more than 100 yards per game, and a franchise quarterback who would put the team over the top of a division rivals that included the Patriots, Seahawks, Giants and Bears.

Those are the dreams that remain from Osweiller’s days with the Broncos, who had a perfect passer rating of 120.8 and a winning record of 10-2.

But it was the dream of making a Super Bowl that kept him in Denver and put the franchise in the Super Bowl picture for the first time.

And now Osweillers dream is in the rearview mirror.

The Denver Broncos, after a disappointing season and losing five games to finish 3-13, are 2-4 and are in need of a few wins to get into the postseason.

It also is a season that Osweilers family and friends are hoping he can get back to playing for the Broncos again, and it would be a great thing to see Osweileers dream come true.

“I’ve always had dreams of being a head coach,” Osweilling said.

“I’ve had dreams, but I always had a plan to stay on the sidelines and play for the Denver Broncos.”

Now that the dream is over, Osweills family and close friends are focusing on the reality of his dream, which is going to take some time.

He said he has talked to some people that he thought were in the dream and that he is trying to get some help in reliving the dream.

“We have a lot of support from the fans, our staff, our players, the staff here and around the league.

We have the guys that know how to work together,” he said.”

It’s hard to say when or if it’s going to happen.

I’ve talked to people that are in the dreams and they’re telling me they’re doing good.

We’re trying to be patient and wait for it to happen.”

Osweillier is hopeful that his family will be there to support him.

He is not ready to say if they will be in the next dream or if he will have to leave Denver to play somewhere else.

“Hopefully I will get to be in a place where I can have some peace and quiet, but it’s tough to say,” he added.

“The more I’m in the process of having the dream, the better I get.

It’s definitely an honor to be back.

I want to thank my family and everybody that has supported me.”

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