How to Make a Dream Big: 5 Ways to Be Crazy (But Don’t Go Crazy)

By now you’re probably wondering how to make your dreams big.

You’re not alone, of course, as a recent survey found that only a quarter of Americans have ever considered getting involved in something that could actually be a big deal to them.

Here are five of the craziest ways to get crazy about something you can’t even imagine.1.

You Don’t Believe In The Existence Of Anything “The world is full of crazy things,” says writer and actor Kevin Spacey.

“It’s not a lie, but the way we believe in the existence of things is just so weird.”

For him, the “crazy thing” is that the world doesn’t exist, and he doesn’t know why.2.

You Are Still Hungry For The Perfect Job “You can’t get a job in this economy unless you have a degree in economics,” he says.

“I know it sounds silly, but I’m not sure what the point is.”

And you can only get one job, right?

“Well, the whole point of being an actor is to have a career,” he adds.

“If you can do a few things for a little while and then get a real job and move on, that’s great.”3.

You Feel A Sense Of Humiliation When You Are Getting A Job”I had a good time, and I’m a great actor,” he writes in his latest memoir, “The World Is Full of Crazy Things.”

But his experience “had me thinking about my family, and my friends, and the world as a whole,” he tells Fortune.

“We all feel guilty for our successes.

And it’s not fun.”4.

You Want To Be A Pro-Lifer, But Don’t Know How To Get ThereIn a 2014 article in the New York Times, actor-comedian Kevin Spaceys said that he struggled to find a career after he quit his first job.

“The one thing I’m proud of, and one of the reasons I quit, is I know I was a good actor, I know the way I did it, and it was a little bit weird,” he wrote.

“But I wanted to be a pro-lifer, and that is why I was willing to do what it took to get to the top of the business.”5.

You Just Want To Have The Fun, But You Don

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