When you’re dreaming about tornados, you can still count on the National Weather Service

A man who has been dreaming about a tornadoes since his teens is now counting on the weather service for help.

Josh DeMille woke up one morning to the news that his father, Jim, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

DeMile’s dad passed away in November and Josh had been looking forward to seeing his dad again.

DeLleil, who is 26 and is a licensed attorney in Dallas, was looking forward, too.

But he had no idea what to do with his dad’s cremated remains.

So he called a few friends and asked for help in figuring out how to pay for cremation.

He found a website called Dreamer Dreams, and when the site first went live in late January, DeMelle’s friends and family members were blown away.

“I mean, you could have said to your best friend, ‘Hey, you should check this out,’ ” DeMleil said.

“And your friend is like, ‘I can’t,'” DeMlay said.

“And then your friend goes, ‘But I know that I can pay for it.'”

Josh DeLile and his dad Jim DeMILLE.

(Photo: Courtesy Josh DeMilee)DeLleille started the Dreamer Dreamer website, where people could share their dreams, and the site has now received over 1,000 submissions.

The site features photographs of the couple’s wedding, a painting of Jim DeLille and his wife and two of his sons playing football together.

“So now that we have a picture of Jim and his kids playing, it’s a great opportunity for my father to be in that frame, and it’s very powerful to have the opportunity to see him in the frame of my father,” DeMlette said.

DeLlille said he was grateful to have people like his friends and his family to share his dream.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed about, and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to share it with people and it is, and so I’m really grateful to everyone,” DeLlle said.

Dreamer Dreams has raised over $10,000 to pay the cremation costs of Jim’s cremation and funeral costs.

DeMille said while he hasn’t received any money yet, he hopes to.

“We just want to get the word out and get it to people so they don’t have to wait for the family to be cremated,” DeLaLle said.

“And we’re all just waiting for that to happen.”

DeLlemaine said his father was diagnosed in December 2016 and his last thoughts on his dad are that he will die young and with nothing but his wife, daughter and son.

DeLaLile said the crematorium costs for his father’s funeral will likely be much higher than the $10 a head the couple paid.

“You know, if it were $50,000 and we got that amount, then we could have done it in two hours,” De LaLle added.

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