Dream Doxxed – DDoS attacks and the rise of a ‘fake news’ website

On Friday, the Internet was full of claims about Dream Doxed.

The alleged “doxxing” of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on his Twitter account was quickly debunked.

The story has since been removed, but it was not forgotten that the alleged doxxing was a hoax.

The doxxings were all fake, said an executive with Dream DoXed, and the company was trying to get revenge on Shapiro, a conservative blogger, for reporting on the company’s activities.

That’s the story the company has been telling since the story went viral.

“The story of Dream DoXXed was a lie,” Dream DoDos owner and founder Mark Harker told me over email.

“We did not do this to make fun of Ben Shapiro or anybody else, and have nothing to do with the alt-right or anything like that.”

Harkers claim to be an independent business owner, not a third-party company.

Dream DoDs website, which is hosted in the United States, has been taken down.

The site also offers a service called “Fake News Alert” where users can send emails to “fake news” sites and complain about the content.

“If you do not like the content that you see on the site, then you can unsubscribe,” Harking said.

The company has not said when it plans to make its money back, nor has it released any data showing how much money it made.

Harkering said that Dream Doxes were a popular business model when it first began, and that the site made money by getting people to click on links to other sites.

“It’s a business model that is very appealing to our clients, and it’s very profitable,” HARKER said.

But now, the company is struggling to keep its lights on.

“Right now, it’s like a fire, and there’s no fire extinguisher,” Harks said.

“You have to put a ladder on top of it.”

The story was initially picked up by Breitbart Tech, a right-wing website that focuses on right-leaning media.

It later went viral on Reddit.

Dream Doxed said it took down its website, but the site is still accessible on its domain.

“Our website is currently unavailable due to a domain change, but we will be back up in a few hours,” the website said.

This article has been updated with additional information.

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