Christian dream interpretation: ‘God was an alien’

A Christian dreams interpretation of the Bible that paints God as an alien has caused controversy online.

The “alien” word used by the interpretation is translated as “enemy” in the Bible.

But in a video posted to YouTube by the website of the Evangelical Christian Alliance, an organisation that promotes Christian beliefs, the word is translated simply as “devil”.

The video, titled “The Word of God is an Enemy”, has attracted thousands of views since it was posted on Monday.

The video criticises a recent report by the Evangelicals Alliance which said that the word of God was not an enemy to Christianity.

The organisation says that “a Christian should not be afraid of the word” in Jesus’ words.

“The word of Jesus is the Word of our God, the God of Jesus Christ, God the Father, God with us, the creator, the Creator of the world, God of peace, God love, God good,” it said.

“Therefore, if we understand Jesus as the Word, not as an enemy, but as the Creator, the Word is God’s Word.”

The video says that if Jesus had not come, Christianity would have lost the word and it would not be a Christian faith.

“Our Christian faith would have ended,” it says.

The Evangelicals alliance, which has around 3,000 members, said it had received numerous complaints about the video.

“We have received thousands of complaints that the ‘alien’ word is offensive and hurtful to many Christians,” it wrote on Facebook.

“Many Christians believe that the Word [of God] is God.

In reality, the Holy Spirit is the word.”

It also said that many Christians believe “that the word [of god] is an enemy” and “that Jesus Christ is the Lord God of all the universe.”

But the Evangelists Alliance defended the word as an important part of Christianity.

“It is a word that is part of the Christian tradition that has been used for thousands of years and has been in use for many millennia,” the group wrote on its Facebook page.

“Christians use it as a word of encouragement to share their faith and to share what is best in their life.”

A spokesman for the Evangelics Alliance, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that the group had received more than 100 complaints about its video and that it would be reviewing its policy.

“For a Christian to claim God is a ‘devil’ or ‘enemy’ to Christianity is an insult to those who are Christians and those who follow Christ,” the spokesman said.”[The] word of Christ is part and parcel of the faith of all believers.”

That’s why we want to make sure that we don’t offend anyone by using it.

“This word is part, and parcel, of the religion of Jesus.”


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