I’ve just spent £600 to get my dream dental dream house put in place. Now, I’ve got to do it myself

A dream dental house has become a reality for the first time in a major British city after a major crowdfunding campaign led to it being built.

The dream dream house is a five-bedroom home that was to have been built in the town of Londonderry by the local community, but after an online fundraising campaign, the project was funded to the tune of £600,000 by a small group of passionate people who wanted to build a dream home for a disabled child.

The project is the culmination of years of passion for disabled children and families, with the team at Dream House having worked together for more than a decade.

“The dream house was one of the first to go to public auction in the UK in 2014, and since then we’ve grown from one home to more than 300 homes across the UK,” said Jenny Biddle, the founder of Dream House, who is also the founder and CEO of the Children’s Charity Trust.

“In the past, there have been only one or two homes that have come to the UK, so we thought it was time to build one for disabled kids, and to give them a home they can be proud of and to get a sense of what it was like to live in.”

The dream home was to be built in Londongerry and is situated in the community of Larkhall, in Lothian.

The idea of building a dream dental home was born when Jenny and her husband Adam were working on their second house and they realised they needed a place for their daughter who was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

They saw it as a perfect opportunity to raise money for a new home for their family, and a local business partner in Lark Hall was approached about the dream house project.

“It was a big deal to them that this was going to happen, and I think they just wanted to make it happen,” said Adam.

“We were both very excited to see this thing come to life.”

After more than three years of painstaking planning, the dream home project was completed in December 2016.

“Adam has a PhD in architecture and I am a very good designer, so there were no constraints on what we could build,” said Mr Biddle.

“I think it is the best example of the kind of work that is happening in the dental industry and it has really helped people understand the value of a dream house.”

The project was also designed by the renowned British architect Peter Jackson, who designed the £1.2bn Royal Bath House in London.

Mr Biddle said the dream dental project was a collaboration between the community, the dental profession and the charity.

“You see in our community it is a very welcoming community, and the dentists have been really welcoming,” she said.

“And the charities and the people who work with children, so that really shows how much the community cares about what’s happening here.”

The Dream House has now been given a final go-ahead by the Londongs District Council and will now undergo a series of rigorous assessments before it is put up for sale in February 2019.

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