What you need to know about the Dream Lake drone’s first flight – and the future of drone flights –

The Dream Lake, unveiled at a press conference at the Farnborough Air Show in England on Tuesday, is a low-cost, low-tech version of the Dream Chaser, which is due to be unveiled in 2021.

It’s also the first drone to be built by a Canadian company.

While it may seem like a small feat for the Dream Lander, the company behind the drone, Stratolaunch, says it’s made a significant breakthrough.

“This is the first commercial flight of a drone powered by Stratolock technology,” said Jason Stoddard, StratoLaunch CEO and founder.

“The aircraft itself is very light and is designed for long range flights with a range of just over 200 kilometres.

The drone is built from composite materials with a total weight of just under 200kg and has a range for a range in excess of 300 kilometres.”

Stratolaunch’s first commercial drone, dubbed Dream Lake 2, has a wingspan of 4.4m (13ft) and can fly at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour (25mph).

But Stratoluck’s new drone has a wing span of 2.8m (8ft) with a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per minute.

Stratoship says the new drone’s maximum speed is 30 kilometres per second, or 36,000 kilometres per year, which puts it in the same ballpark as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

But it’s not all good news for drone pilots.

It can take off vertically, or hover above the ground for up to 10 minutes, which isn’t good for those flying over a populated area.

The Stratolocks also have a range and can operate over land as well as in the air.

Stratolocking is a popular hobby for drone owners who want to have a safe, easy-to-fly drone.

But Stratoship, Stratos, and Stratolook are all based in Canada.

The company says it has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Canadian Space Agency to develop the drone.

“This is a great opportunity for Canadian citizens to be able to take their hobby flying safely and safely and legally,” Stoddards said.

“If you’re a drone pilot, you can now have that option.”

It’s important to note that the drone is a prototype.

The company has yet to test it on the ground, and the FAA has yet the approval needed to test the drone on the air in the United States.

That means there are still some questions about how the drone will operate in the future, such as whether it can fly within the confines of restricted airspace.

Stratos says the drone can travel at an altitude of about 50km (30 miles) above ground level.

The Stratolasters has a new range of aircraft and its wingspan is 4.8 meters (13 feet) and has wingspan to wingspan ratios of 0.8.

This means that the aircraft is able to reach speeds of up to 60 kilometres per mile (100kph), and the Stratolauts say it’s safe to fly.

But the drone won’t be able fly as far as the Stratos 3D model, which Stratos also developed.

That’s because the StratoloSky model, a drone that can fly over ground, is still in development, but it’s been developed to take on the Stratols 3D.

The new drone is powered by a single-motor, electric motor.

This is more power efficient than the Stratlaser, which uses three motors, which are used to accelerate the drone at high speed.

Stratols is currently working on the third motor for the drone which is a motor that can be attached to the drone’s fuselage and fly up to 30 kilometres an hour (18mph).

The company is aiming to release the drone within a year, with a prototype of the new Stratolun model due to launch in 2021, according to the company.

The Dream Lake is the second of Stratolaunes new drone designs, following the StratoLaser.

The new Stratols drones, like Stratolasers first two drones, have a wing that can extend over the front of the aircraft.

It will also have four winglets, each connected by a thin wing section that can fold back and act as a wingslip, which allows it to hover in mid-air.

This feature will be more advanced than the wingspan on Stratolaser’s first drone, the Stratocaster, which was developed for the US military.

The dream lake is currently a prototype, but the company says the Stratosphere will be able take off and land vertically as well.

The next drone to come to market will likely be the Stratospheric, which will also be a high-end drone.

This will have a much larger wing and a wider fuselage.

The plane will also feature a bigger wing that will make it much more manoeuvrable and faster than the Dreamlake. This would

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