What’s your dream wallpaper?

It is a dream that comes true for many people: They wake up one day and realize that they have the most beautiful wallpaper in the world. 

But how does a person get to that dream and what does it look like?

In this article, we will share our favorite dream wallpaper from different cultures and see what makes it so beautiful.


Van Halen Dreamwallpapers by Van HalensDreamWallpaper is a very simple image that was created by a team of Van Halents in 1987.

It shows a black and white version of the album cover of Van Morrison.

In the image, a black-and-white photograph of the Van Halent frontman is surrounded by a white background.

In this case, the white background represents the music.

The image has the Vanhalent logo.


Ravi Shankar Dreamwallpaper by RaviShankarDreamWallpeter has been a Van Halented musician for over 20 years.

The wallpaper was inspired by Shankar’s famous song, “Hangin’ Out.”

It features a black & white photograph of Shankar and his bandmates in a room together, surrounded by white background, with the words “I’m still alive.”


Jodie Foster Dreamwallpeter DreamWallpaper by JodiefosterDreamWallpapers is a beautiful dreamwall that was first created in 2009 by Jodi Foster.

It features two beautiful photos of Foster, taken from her personal life and her career.

The two photographs are taken from the same moment in time, in January 2011.


Joss Whedon DreamWallpapers by JossDreamWallPaper is a wonderful dreamwall, created by the filmmaker.

The wall depicts a photo of Joss and his wife, Jennifer, taken at the end of the film.

It depicts a picture of the two smiling together in the background.


Julee Cruise DreamWallPaper by JuleesDreamWallPete created a dreamwall featuring his dog, Chubby, who was born in November 2017.

The Wall depicts the two of them in a photo, and the words, “Ain’t no one gonna see that, Chubb.”


Kanye West DreamWallPoster by KanyeDreamWallPinSource: Getty ImagesIn this dreamwall created by Kanye West, he has a black backdrop, with a black background with the name of the Wall on it. 7.

Kanye’s New Year’s Resolution DreamWallSource: The Daily Beast

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