What Is Blue Dream Weed? – MTV News

A new drug called Blue Dream weed is causing the UK to become the first country to ban the drug.

The government announced the ban on Tuesday following a review of drug laws, which had led to thousands of people being stopped at border checkpoints and fined for possession.

It is the latest move to clamp down on the drug, which is sold in small packets of 50 grams and is illegal in Britain.

The Drug Treatment Agency said in a statement that the drug had “the potential to be used by young people as a way of exploring a drug problem and developing a healthy life”.

“Blue Dream is a potent and harmful drug that can be extremely harmful for individuals,” it said.

“This drug is also associated with other dangerous substances and it is extremely important that it is treated as such.”

What is Blue Dream?

It’s a synthetic marijuana that has been derived from cannabis.

It has a strong smell and taste and can cause anxiety, paranoia and psychosis, according to the drug’s makers.

It was originally used to treat people with severe epilepsy and to treat patients with other conditions.

But Blue Dream has gained popularity in recent years as a recreational drug.

Users report feeling euphoria, paranoia, mood swings and seizures, and hallucinations.

Blue Dream is not a controlled substance in the UK, and the government said it is illegal to manufacture, sell or possess it.

What are the side effects?

Blue Dream can cause serious health problems if abused.

It is a strong sedative and has been linked to cardiovascular problems and seizures.

“It is also a stimulant that can make people more alert and have a very strong effect on the central nervous system,” the drug is known to cause.

“These are not pleasant effects,” the Drug Treatment Authority said.

Who can get it?

People who are over 18 can buy Blue Dream, and people who are under 18 can use it for recreational purposes.

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