@velvetknight is the latest trending meme on Twitter, and it’s about the most awesome thing ever: the “Dream Corp llc”

The new meme that’s been trending for days: The Dream Corp lllc.

This meme is so awesome.

pic.twitter.com/t0a5JgJhZf — Nathan (@NathanSantos) December 4, 2017 @NathanStark, @natassias dreams, @dreamcorp llc and @tweetdreamer are now trending on Twitter with the same captions.

This means that this is the second time we’ve seen this meme, which was posted by a user named @tweetsweetdream, on December 3rd.

The first meme we’ve spotted, which has since been deleted, was a “DREAM CORP llc”, which was also posted by @thesweetdreamers user account.

It has since resurfaced, however, after @toughtweeter discovered it, which we now know is the “dream corp lllcs” meme, but has since had more than one user posting it as a variation on the same title.

The new image that is trending, however is of the original caption: The “Dream Corporation llc”.

This meme has been trending on twitter for days and people are using it as an example of why it’s awesome.

@tweakdreamer’s post has already been shared more than 5,000 times and more than 2,000 people have shared it on their timelines, with a number of people commenting on the image and adding their own thoughts to it.

@NathanielStark has already shared it, and @NashSantasweet’s caption has been retweeted more than 6,000 time.

Another user, @taytawesies, commented on the original post and wrote: @tjfrost, I think we all agree this is a great meme.

@natasiasdreamer and @TweetDreamer are also trending with similar captions, with @taweysies being the most popular user on Twitter.

But now, a user by the name of @takamagash has shared the original tweet.

In it, he says that this “dream” is “a perfect representation of the dream corp”.

“It’s also about a company that is currently building an artificial intelligence,” he wrote, before sharing his thoughts on why this meme is a good one: “It has been tweeted over 10 million times, but is this a good meme for you?” he wrote.

“The dream corpllc is about the dreams of a company called Dream Corp. They’re currently building their own AI system that they call the Dream Corp.”

The caption in the original image has also been shared a number on Twitter before, with the most shared being a tweet from @toughedog21, who shared: “@tweetdiscovers dream corp.

Its called the Dream Corporation lllci.

Its a company building AI for people to think and dream about the future.

Its not a dream or an illusion.”

A tweet from the same user, meanwhile, has shared a picture of the caption on Twitter for the first time.

It reads: “The Dream Corp lcs are a dream corporation.”

The first tweet that came to our attention, which included the caption, has since since been removed.

It is unclear what the “Dream Corp” is, as no company or person has come forward to confirm the existence of the meme.

However, we do know that the “l” in the “corporation” part of the company name stands for “dream”.

It has also sparked a debate on social media about whether or not this is indeed a legitimate meme, with users questioning the legitimacy of a tweet that was shared in a “very early” state.

In a tweet, the Twitter user @jd_hobson claimed to be a former employee of Dream Corp, and said that he “hadn’t heard of this before”.

However, when he tweeted about the caption being fake, his followers quickly agreed with him.

One user, who claimed to have worked for Dream Corp from 2003 to 2005, said that the caption “was probably posted at a time when there were lots of negative comments about Dream Corp’s work, which is why it is so confusing”.

Another user tweeted that he worked at Dream Corp for five years, before he left in 2015, and that it was not a coincidence that he had the caption in a tweet on the company’s timeline.

“We don’t have a timeline or a picture, but it appears that @dreamscorp was the first one that he saw that was posting the dream image,” he tweeted.

A user named (@puma_rebel) responded to the tweet by suggesting that the company might be a “hypocrite

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